Tools and Tips

Let’s raise more than a sweat!


  • Personalise your fundraising page

    Make your page as engaging as possible. Upload a photo so your supporters can watch you climb the fundraising leader board. Explain why you are raising funds, how their donations will be used and why you are personally moved to support Very Special Kids. 

  • If you reach your fundraising goal, increase it

    You may be surprised by how generous your supporters can be. If you reach your fundraising goal, increase it and raise as much as you can for Very Special Kids. Every dollar will help children and young people in need. 

  • Ask your close friends and family first

    Kickstart your fundraising by asking your closest friends, family and most generous supporters first. People tend to match amounts that have already been donated, so the more generous donations on your page the better. 

  • Promote your involvement

    Be proud of what you’re doing and let people know how they can help. Post on your social media channels and download the email signature below to get the word out far and wide. Don’t forget about LinkedIn – many organisations are keen to show their social responsibility by supporting organisations like Very Special Kids. 

  • Regularly post on your fundraising page

    Share updates about any fundraising activities you’re doing, or if you have set yourself a fitness goal, let your supporters know how your training is going. When people go to your fundraising page, they’ll see how much you’re doing to support Very Special Kids and be more inclined to donate. 

  • Follow up on your initial ask

    Life is busy, and many people intend to donate but sometimes it gets pushed to the bottom of the inbox and forgotten about. It’s not unusual to take more than one round of emails to nudge your supporters into action, so don’t feel embarrassed about asking people more than once. 

  • Thank your donors

    Make sure your donors know how important they are by thanking them on your fundraising page and social media. Not only will they feel appreciated, but potential donors will see how much their support means to you. 

  • Don’t stop fundraising when the event finishes

    It’s surprising how many donations are received after the event has finished, so keep fundraising once we’re done! Once you’ve recovered, update your fundraising page and share it to your contacts to let them know that you have achieved your goal. It’s also a great opportunity to prompt anyone who is yet to donate. 

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Social Media

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