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We answer your frequently asked questions

You can find answers to some of the most common questions below. If your question still remains unanswered, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Participation and Fundraising

  • How much is the event trying to fundraise?

    We are aiming to raise $800,000 this year to help ensure we can continue providing specialist palliative care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions. Your support will help improve the quality of life for them and their families.

  • How much does it cost to participate?

    You don’t need a ticket to take part and there is no admin fee. Instead, we ask participants to set a fundraising goal of $500 and encourage their community to help raise much-needed fund for Very Special Kids.

  • How much do I need to fundraise?

    For the onsite event, we ask participants to set themselves a fundraising goal of $500 for each 30–minute time slot.
    Of course, we would love for you to exceed this, so keep increasing your goal as you reach it. You can visit the ‘Tips & Tricks
    page for some fundraising inspiration.

  • Can I sponsor an entire treadmill for my team?

    Yes! Teams can choose to sponsor a treadmill for $5,000. The treadmill will be branded with your team logo and you will be able to access a lounge area. A team can include up to 48 members and each member will receive a complimentary event t-shirt, as well as food and drinks for the event. We ask the team to set a minimum fundraising target of $19,000, in addition to the $5,000 sponsorship fee. To get involved, please contact Sharon here.

  • How do I set up a team?

    The team at Very Special Kids will create a team for you that your team members can join. To register a team, contact Sharon here.

  • How do I create my fundraising page?

    Go to the orange ‘registerbutton at the top right and follow the prompts to select your team. It only takes a few minutes, and you will be off and running. 

Event information

  • Do I have to run?

    Absolutely not! Participants can walk, jog or run at their own pace. Of course, you are welcome to challenge yourself but it’s entirely up to you. 

  • How long am I on the treadmill?

    The onsite challenge is broken up into 30-minute time slots and you can participate in one or multiple. Your team captain will be responsible for allocating the time slots to ensure the treadmill is kept in motion for 24hours. 

  • How do shared treadmills work?

    Very Special Kids will have some treadmills for smaller teams to share. If you are participating as a smaller team on a shared treadmill, Very Special Kids will be able to confirm availability of your preferred time slot. 

  • What happens if someone doesn’t arrive for their time slot?

    We understand that sometimes unexpected things come up, and the best laid plans can go astray. Team captains are responsible for filling their roster and ensuring all slots are covered on the day– it’s a team effort! 

  • How do we know when the 30-minutes is up?

    The MCs will announce when there is five minutes to go and for the next participants to get ready behind their treadmill. There will be a 10 second countdown to the 30-minute mark and participants will be asked to completely stop their treadmill before getting off, and the next participant will get on and re-start the treadmill.  

    Please DO NOT try to get on a treadmill that is running as it is very easy to lose your footing and fall off. 

  • What is provided?

    On arrival you will be given a wristband, so our volunteers know you are registered. Inside the marquee there will be water stations, fresh fruit and snacks, continual refreshments for the full 24–hours and of course much needed coffee!

  • What should I wear?

    Something you are comfortable walking or running in – activewear and comfortable runners. Many teams pick a theme and choose to dress up – this is great fun and creates a fantastic atmosphere – plus, you might be in the running for the best dressed award! Please refrain from wearing items that may be unsafe on the treadmill or cause a trip hazard – long feather boas, stilettos and similar can be dangerous.

  • What should I bring?

    Be sure to bring your water bottle to refill at the complimentary water stations and a towel. If you have specific dietary requirements, please bring snacks if you are planning on staying for a while. 

  • Can my family and friends come?

    Of course, bring your cheer squad along! Your support crew are welcome to enjoy the marquee entertainment and ambience. Please note supporters are not permitted to be on a treadmill, unless they agree to terms and conditions and receive a wristband.

  • Can children take part?

    Of course, they just need a parent or guardian to sign the event terms and conditions on their behalf. We do ask that children are supervised by an adult for their own safety, particularly when getting on and off the treadmill. 

  • What is in the marquee?

    Each team will have a couch area in front of their treadmill to keep their belongings and relax with friends and family. There will be activities to join for spectators or while you’re not on the treadmill – there will be foosball, table tennis and other fun games to keep everyone entertained. We will have a phone charging station and photo area to keep you ‘gramming. There will also be a refreshment area with water stations, sports drinks and continual refreshments. There are also big screens to keep you updated with the fundraising total. First aid support will be onsite for the whole event and have been known to do a stint on a treadmill as well! 

  • What about bathrooms?

    There are bathrooms in the main Very Special Kids building, just down a short footpath from the marquee entrance – this will be signed and there will plenty of volunteers around to direct you. Please be aware that there are no shower facilities onsite. 

  • Does everything really keep going for 24-hours?

    It sure does! We have MCs to keep you motivated, a DJ pumping the tunes and continuous food and refreshments to keep everyone’s energy up. We do keep the doors to the marquee closed to minimise impact on our neighbours, but inside the great atmosphere keeps on going. 

  • Where can I park?

    Parking can be tricky, particularly during the day on Friday. There is parking available in surrounding streets, and we encourage you to check for time restrictions. 

  • Is there public transport nearby?

    Very Special Kids is a short walk from both Armadale and Malvern train stations, and tram numbers six, 16 and 72 all run close by. For more information, head to

  • Does it matter if the weather is bad?

    We are lucky to have a fully enclosed marquee to host the event, so regardless of the weather outside, you’ll be dry inside. It can get cool overnight, and whilst we do have heaters, it’s a big space to warm up so it’s worth layering up if you’re staying a while to cheer your teammates on.